Cypress Lumber

We carry a large inventory of Select & Better cypress lumber in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses to accommodate your specific lumber needs.

We also offer several choices of cypress siding – clapboard cypress siding, shiplap cypress siding and tongue and groove (T&G) cypress siding – all of which can be milled to your specifications.

Cypress is a popular softwood that offers excellent resistance to weather and insects, making it an ideal choice for siding and high-end exterior architectural millwork.

Grade: Select & Better


  • 4/4
  • 5/4
  • 8/4


  • 6″
  • 8″
  • 10″
  • 12″

Lengths: 8 – 16’

Machining: R1E, R2E, S2S, S4S. Also available rough.

Species: Cypress

Common Names/Species: Bald cypress, Cypress

Scientific Name: Taxodium distichum

Description: Very distinct leafy grain. Annual rings combine soft, open-meshed spring wood, and hard, close-grained summer wood. Strong and light, very durable and naturally resistant to decay. Soft, easy to work, sand and finish.

Common uses: Architectural Millwork, Exterior Millwork, Outdoor application, furniture, boat building

Sources: Southeastern United States

Size/Form: Cypress

lbs/BF (dry): 2.55

Hardness: Moderately Soft

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