Alaskan Yellow Cedar

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Species: Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Common Names/Species: Yellow Cedar, Nootka Cypress

Scientific Name: Cupressus nootkatensis

Description: Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a slow growth softwood from the pacific northwest. It offers excellent resistance to weather, insects and contact with soil. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is an ideal choice for high-end exterior architectural millwork. Heartwood is a light yellow. Sapwood is a similar whitish/pale yellow and isn’t distinct from the heartwood. Color tends to darken with age upon exposure to light, (though when left exposed outdoors it weathers to a uniform gray).

Common uses: Carving, boatbuilding, siding, flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, musical instruments (flutes, soundboards on guitars), boxes and chests, and various utility/construction applications.

Sources: Northwest coast of North America

Size/Form: Alaskan Yellow Cedar

lbs/BF (dry): 1.92

Hardness: Soft

Decay resitance: excellent